Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cell Phone Fix- No Sound

If you encountered a similar problem than this information will be very useful to you. In fact a good quantity of users experience this problem about a year and a half after purchase, that they cannot hear the sounds from their phone when they make a call.
Many say that they had recently used an ear jack so that they could talk hands free and after removing the ear jack their button sounds and conversations were frustratingly unheard.

Error / Problem: No Sound on cell phone when conversing. No sound from keyboard.

Verify that on the volume of the buttons and conversation settings the status of "Ear jack-In" is on the top. This verifies that the phone still believes the ear jack is plugged in.
Go ahead replug your jack back into the phone... the sound is back and the phone works fine with he jack plugged back in. However, to get the phone to work without the jack plugged in will take a small effort of work on your part.

Research: I read various forums to figure out that many users experience this same difficulty with their phones. All of their solutions were obsolete, but got me thinking of what hadn't worked and what could work. My proposed solution was based off of a USB port problem that I had experinced months prior.

  • Plug in ear-jack.
  • Turn phone off.
  • Pull out the battery for 10 seconds.
  • Remove the ear-jack. Reinsert the battery.
  • Turn phone on.
Results: Positive result confirmed. The phone functions as normal without the ear-jack needed.

Afterthought: Problems have similar steps that can be used to solve them. Also, forums are the greatest. They allow common folk to see an error that has beset many and after analyzing, can find a solution whether stated or not.


James said...

worked for me. Thanks!

AMS said...

Wow 3 years later and just worked for me. Thanks